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When Is Your 2023 Tax Return Due?


When are your 2023 taxes due?      Personal Taxes (Individuals), Businesses and Corporations all have different due dates.  Let’s talk about the different tax deadlines for personal returns, small businesses, and corporations.


When are 2023 taxes due for Individuals? – In Canada, the personal tax deadline is April 30 of each year.  We are an …

2021 Tax Filing | 2022 Tax planning | 2022 Tax Changes

2021 tax filing guidelines


Titanium HQ welcomes you to our Spring 2022 Personal Tax Update   Let’s take 5 minutes to update you on the 2021 Tax Filing Deadlines,  supply you with a link for our 2021 Tax Checklist and talk about some of the 2022 Personal Income Tax Changes and start you on the right foot for your …

How do I run a Payroll for my business?

How to Run a Payroll

How to Run a Payroll – from paper & pen to automated payrolls

Congratulations on hiring your first or your fiftieth employee!  You must learn how to run payroll that complies with government regulation. As you may already know, the Canada Revenue & Agency and Service Canada requires you to calculate and withhold the Canada …