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How can I improve my cash flow?

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Cash is the number one limiter of growth for most businesses.        The bigger you grow the more cash your business needs to buy inventory, pay staff, develop intellectual property and provide credit terms to your customers.      A cash flow crunch can force a profitable company to halt its growth or even become insolvent.    A few …

QuickBooks Desktop vs. QuickBooks Online: Which is right?

quickbooks desktop vs quickbooks online

So, you’re thinking about using QuickBooks as your accounting system but are confused whether to go Quick Online QBO and QuickBooks Desktop QBD. You may want to consider the following questions when deciding Quickbooks Desktop vs. Quickbooks online.

Who: Who is going to be doing your books? Are you going to do them yourself or …

Incorporation vs Sole Proprietor – which is right?

Incorporation vs Sole Proprietor

Incorporation vs Sole Proprietor – have you been struggling with the decision on which type of company is right for your company? Check out our attached guide to some of the nuances between Corporations and Sole Proprietors.

Organization differences between Incorporation vs Sole Proprietor

A sole proprietor is the simplest business organization. You can still …

How can I save money on my bookkeeping bill?

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Bookkeeping is the process of recording the transactions ie. the ins and outs of your business. Great books – those that are accurate and complete bookkeeping provide better decision making for your business. The vast majority of your bookkeeping bill comes from Volume, Complexity and Errors all of which can be reduced to save money …

What are the most common bookkeeping errors?

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How can I catch any bookkeeping errors I make when I’m doing it myself? 

You’ve decided to take on your own bookkeeping. Maybe it’s to help you stay on top of your numbers or because you’re still deciding what outsourced finance solutions are right for your business. Whatever the reason, daily bookkeeping is no easy

What business secrets does my accountant wish I knew?

10 Business Secrets a Business Secret for SMB

Number 1 on the list of 10 Business Secrets I wish everyone knew

Our 10 Business Secrets starts off with: A business is not what you do, what you own or what you sell. A business is culture – a set of common beliefs that bind people around an objective or goal. Your employees take …

Bookkeeping as a strategic advantage

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The modern bookkeeper is a strategic partner critical to your operation and is responsible for much more than record keeping.

Bookkeeping is responsible for Compliance – that is the work to satisfy government requirements such as payroll calculations & remittances, WSIB compliance and HST filing. Compliance is a hidden cost center when not properly done. …

A beginner’s guide to bookkeeping for business owners

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Many people have an outdated view of bookkeeping. Most imagine a scene out of A Christmas Carol or Gringotts’s Bank where a goblin is bent over an enormous ledger making minute entries. When I took accounting in high school, we were still taught the ledger method. Luckily, technology has replaced paper and eliminated a lot …

How do I avoid audit triggers in my business?

Audit Triggers for Business Owners

How do I avoid audit triggers? Why do businesses get audited?

If you’ve ever been audited, you know that it’s a very unpleasant surprise. It’s a stressful process that can drain you of time and money you can’t afford to spend. But what if who the CRA chooses to audit isn’t actually a surprise? 


When & why should I outsource accounting?

outsource accounting with TitaniumHQ

The very best business owners know how to delegate, but you’re still uncertain if it’s the right time to bring in an outsourced accounting team for your growing company. Whatever stage of business you’re in, whether you’re starting up or scaling up, all small & medium sized businesses should invest in outsourced accounting. 

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