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When Is Your 2023 Tax Return Due?


When are your 2023 taxes due?      Personal Taxes (Individuals), Businesses and Corporations all have different due dates.  Let’s talk about the different tax deadlines for personal returns, small businesses, and corporations.


When are 2023 taxes due for Individuals? – In Canada, the personal tax deadline is April 30 of each year.  We are an …

A beginner’s guide to bookkeeping for business owners

jeremy bishop sLLWHi Mw unsplash scaled

Many people have an outdated view of bookkeeping. Most imagine a scene out of A Christmas Carol or Gringotts’s Bank where a goblin is bent over an enormous ledger making minute entries. When I took accounting in high school, we were still taught the ledger method. Luckily, technology has replaced paper and eliminated a lot …

How do I avoid audit triggers in my business?

Audit Triggers for Business Owners

How do I avoid audit triggers? Why do businesses get audited?

If you’ve ever been audited, you know that it’s a very unpleasant surprise. It’s a stressful process that can drain you of time and money you can’t afford to spend. But what if who the CRA chooses to audit isn’t actually a surprise?