Construction is your world.

It should be your accountant’s too.

Because you’ve got more than one crew, you’re overseeing multiple jobs at the same time.

We know multiple jobs mean:

  • Various budgets
  • Extra-challenging cash-flow
  • Fluctuating payroll

There’s a hell of a lot going on and your concern for finances, and compliance, is stacking up. Caught in a Catch 22, you know you need an accountant but you just don’t have the time to oversee what they’re doing.

We know the industry like the back of our hand.

We get construction. We know what you’re dealing with. It means we work out your company’s systems, processes, tax position and books much quicker than the average Joe.

Our company founder worked in the construction industry for years. Here’s what Jamie thinks is important to prioritize as your accountant.

Here’s how we do it.


We review your diagnostic

We’ll work out exactly where you are with your finances. Guts and all.

Clean-up and catch-up

There’s no two ways about it, first you need tidy books that are up-to-date. From your review, we will quote you for an initial clean-up based on the number of hours needed to complete. Then…we get to it.

Maintenance and growth

Now we’re cooking on gas. Depending on your requirements, we provide daily bookkeeping, payroll management and tax prep so you always know the lay of the land. We’re your go-to for questions and we’ll always have an answer. We plan for your business goals with refined strategy so you know they will be ticked off, not put off.

Consistently provided valuable insights and advice, making tax season much smoother.

“James Abbott and his team have been instrumental in managing my finances for year’s. Their expertise and attention to detail have ensured that my financial matters are handled efficiently and accurately. They have consistently provided valuable insights and advice, making tax season much smoother. I highly recommend James Abbott and his team for their professional and reliable accounting services” – Tom Geo, Mega City Roofing

It’s time to get going.

We know divided attention costs you in more ways than one. It’s time you gave yourself the peace of mind to just focus on the business. We’ve got you.

Fill out our diagnostic review and we’ll go from there.