Skip the guesswork

A diagnostic review tells you what financial processes to set up to achieve your business vision

A diagnostic review grounds you in reality so you can shoot for the moon.

We help you get real about the way your accounting is functioning and get actionable steps to make it work for you. A simple 2-min questionnaire gets you started.

Your numbers should be telling you something

Goal-oriented entrepreneurs need their finances to be working like a well-oiled machine and providing real insight they can use to take big steps forward.

It’s all too easy to get into a hamster wheel of accounting, feeling like all you’re doing is chasing your accountant and appeasing the tax system.

Diagnostic Review

Knowing you need to change something is a start -but what and how?

With a fast growing business, you’re experienced enough to know when a piece of the business isn’t functioning as well as it needs to be. But you may not have the time or know-how to fix it.

A diagnostic review cuts through the guesswork and wasted time, providing your strategy for change.

You get:

An expert review of your current financial systems and a written report on the findings

A list of suggestions, so you know what needs to change in your financial systems and processes

A practical road map to carry out changes and reach your goals

How a diagnostic review works


You’ll start with a 1 hour goals session

We always begin by listening. In this 1 hour session we hear about your goals and answer your questions. We begin to look through your numbers together.

We’ll carry out our behind the scenes systems review

We’ll dig into the figures and see where money is coming in and out of the business. We’ll look closely at your systems and see what’s matching up and where you are losing efficiency.

You’ll get a practical report you can action immediately

Your report will include a list of suggestions for changes based on your income, industry and lifestyle. We’ll spend an hour going over it with you. This will be the roadmap for your goals.

What does a diagnostic review cost?

You want to get real value out of the money you spend on accounting and tax support. For $495, a diagnostic review puts the power back in your hands, by making sure you understand your financial processes and you’re confident they’re working for you. This is the necessary starting point for building a financial back of house that functions without you.

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