The tax and finance experts helping you set up strong systems and achieve your big hairy audacious goals.

You need systems and processes that can keep up with you

You’re a dreamer with a grand business vision, you don’t want to waste your time or miss opportunities for growth because the financial side of the business isn’t running smoothly.

Discipline is freedom

You need a little discipline to dream. Having a solid structure in place means your business can function without you overseeing every aspect of it.

You want to know how to achieve your grand vision step-by-step, and that kind of support is too high-level to be outsourced to India.
You are an entrepreneur who needs the right systems to scale successfully.
You want someone to keep you focused and on track – excited about your goals, but able to reality check you too.

You’re a Maverick, and we’ll be your Goose

You want a trusted partner to tell you what is and isn’t possible. You’ll say “Talk to me Goose” when you have an idea, and we’ll be there to run it through.

accounting partnership takes place at the table

How will you know we’re the right Goose?

You’ll see yourself in our values.

We believe in improvement. We love learning because it keeps us up-to-date. We love teaching because you deserve to be an expert in your own financial information.

We believe in big, hairy, audacious goals. We look forward and always have a goal in our sights. We back people who have the same tenacity.

We believe in blunt. You can trust us to be straight-forward and honest. We don’t beat around the bush when it comes to your goals.

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Forward momentum, whatever phase you’re in

There’s a structured process for scaling successfully, wherever you sit right now.


At startup, you’re in phase 1

You need to avoid penalties. You get monthly, predictable billing with regular reports and access via email.


After your first year or two, you’re in phase 2

You get performance metrics once per month, and we’ll help you understand what your numbers mean.


When you’re ready to grow, you’re in phase 3.

You need strategy to enter new markets or diversify. You get quarterly meetings and your metrics are at your fingers whenever you need them.


When you’re growing rapidly, you’re in phase 4

You need systems and processes that let you step away when you want to. You get succession planning, and decision-making support.

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