The very best business owners know how to delegate, but you’re still uncertain if it’s the right time to bring in an outsourced accounting team for your growing company. Whatever stage of business you’re in, whether you’re starting up or scaling up, all small & medium sized businesses should invest in outsourced accounting. 

The truth is that cottage industry players will get cottage industry paycheques. If pushing for more growth, success, and wealth is a priority for you, then you need outsourced accounting. 

You want to grow your business 

Handling your own accounting is a massive time and energy suck when you’re already busy trying to grow your business. Many experts, and ourselves here at Titanium, agree that in order to compete, businesses should focus on their core competencies and outsource everything else. 

Trying to make yourself an expert in tax, bookkeeping, marketing, technology and human resources is a recipe for mediocrity at best and failure at worst.   

This is especially crucial during your startup phase. There are limitless opportunities for both growth and failure when you first start a business. In order to steer yourself away from icebergs and towards success, you have to decide what is a mission critical task and focus only on that. 

An outsourced accounting service means you can focus your energies on innovating, growing your business, and building enterprise capital and not on filing tax returns or handling payroll.  

You want more for less 

Hiring experts in systems, accounting, bookkeeping and tax is impossible for a mid-sized company. The costs of recruiting, hiring and onboarding in addition to a competitive yearly salary is too steep for your growing business. 

The costs to hire only one very competent bookkeeper can be over $50k per year. That’s not to mention the bonuses, pensions and raises that bigger companies can and will offer in order to scoop up the best talent. Your capital is better spent elsewhere. 

With the right outsourced accounting team, you get the skills of a bookkeeper, accountant, and CFO all for the cost of a part-time employee. You work hard for your money, and it should only be spent on what can bring you the most value possible. In this case, that’s outsourced accounting. 

You want a true partner in your business 

You don’t trust just anyone handling the ins and outs of your business’ finances. You don’t want to simply be helped out – you want a true partner who will prioritise your success and growth as much as you do. 

Your local basement bookkeeper isn’t up to date on the latest industry trends, advances in technology, or key drivers in your industry. In fact, most of their customers are so price sensitive there’s no attempt to add value whatsoever – they’re merely calculation tools. 

But an outsourced accounting team like Titanium actually understands your business. We specialise in helping clients that are starting or growing their businesses and who need experts to provide answers to critical problems at each stage in their growth. 

From compliance to identifying KPIs to building strategies to diversify or enter new markets, Titanium has the unique skills necessary to grow alongside your business. 

You want to maximize your wealth 

You’re not growing just for the sake of it. You want, and deserve, to increase your wealth and be rewarded for all the hard work you’re putting into your business. 

Pivotal tax strategies are a big part of what we do here at Titanium. We ensure your tax strategy is aligned with your business strategy and provide you with the most effective organization to maximize income. By optimizing your owner compensation and reducing tax today, we can maximize your wealth now and into the future. 

You don’t have to go it alone. To get the wealth, success, and support you deserve, an outsourced accounting team like Titanium is vital for your business. Learn more about how we can take you from startup to rapid growth on our How We Work page