It’s pretty simple. You just need your taxes done on time.

We’ve got you.

Our tax prep services are seasonal and the process is simple.

  1. Book a 15-min call to confirm your needs.
  2. Look for our digital app and accept your proposal.
  3. Submit your documents.
  4. Review your tax forms.
  5. Receive a copy of your filed taxes, all squared away.

Your strategy needs

You’d rather us just take it and run with it. But if you need a consultation call, you can get one any time for $150.

Your tax structure

Simple. 5 or less slips, less than 2 medical accounts, less than 2 investment accounts.

Your budget: $250

Your tax structure

More than 5 slips, lots of medical claims, lots of deductions, employment expenses, and capital gains.

Your budget: $350

Your strategy needs

You want one strategy consultation included with your tax preparation.

Your tax structure

It’s a little complicated and you need a plan.

Your budget: $450

Your tax structure

Rental property or two and your accounts have lots of transactions.

Your budget: $750

Your strategy needs

You need a fair amount of strategy, and after your initial consult we’ll suggest how many strategy meetings will be helpful for you.

Your tax structure

Small business or sole proprietor

Your budget: Starting at $750

Initial consult will give pricing

Let’s get connected.

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